If I don’t teach them, who will?

June 14, 2012

Children usually learn their vocabulary from a variety of sources. These sources include tv and older siblings. Only 2 kids in my class even have brothers or sisters, and they don’t speak English. And the tv is all in Chinese, so no English vocab there. My kids really only learn their English vocabulary through me. Most teachers get to/are required to avoid the ugly words. I on the other hand really need to fill in their entire vocabulary. So I find myself teaching them such words as fat. We had already discussed tall and short, and we measured the kids to see who was the tallest and shortest. So we did the same thing with fat and skinny. I think I did a good job of presenting it as factual and not as derogatory. Now when I ask the kids who is the fattest student in class Larry raises his hand, smiles and says “me.” I’ve taught them the word booger, and fart, butt and yucky and slimy, and even the word stupid. I have refused to teach them one word. That is the word gun. I don’t know why. They point their fingers at me and make shooting sounds out on the playground. But I just feign ignorance and eat the bullets and say yummy. I think it’s worked, I can’t remember the last time I got shot.


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